News: Consumer

This latest cartoon concerns itself with the news as a consumer product. The real news still exists but, we see the sports and consumer products etc dominate. Politics remains prominent but that is a necessity of corporations to use the media to ensure the correct political entity remains in power. If you watch commercial TV and accept the news from it chances are that you will sway in your voting towards a specific desired corporate outcome.

Enough said, the ideas come from a variety of sources. This from CBC News is a good example about the refugees, but hidden in world news after sports and local lesser stories.

Keep thinking. Be critical. Don’t believe a word I say or draw.

31-01-16 News refugees
The News: Sport etc. Weather etc. Celebrities etc. Mick 31-01-16

Hillary Clinton; Unsecured E-mail Account

Today Hillary Clinton in trouble for her E-mail security. read all about it in Slate. Liberal policy in this case extends beyond the voters to e-mails.

Be Free E-mails ,  Be Free.  Mick. 30-01-16

Bettin’ on Biological Control.

While reading a little about the Zika Virus here in the Guardian I had a terrible thought. What if the worlds betting agencies took odds on various health/disease events and their annual outcomes. I know it’s one of those things the brain should just hold on to; but, well I could not quite put it to one side.

Betting is known to be a disaster for many families, it is highly addictive and promises riches. It escapes regulation and seems to have become a major pervasive sponsor of our sporting and drinking establishments. Always good to know that betting here in Oz is essentially illegal unless through some institution where the odds are stacked. Go figure.

Anyhows; I reckon that these betting companies and those that support them could chip in and do something for the world instead of a general money harvesting machine for the already rich.

29-02-16 Betting
Biological Control: PARASITES Versus VIRUSES. Mick. 2016


Refugees #2: Prominent Artist Seeks Attention.

News today that an artist will remove exhibits from Denmark in protest to danish governments decision to take non sentimental valuables from refugees. This is how Denmark treats its welfare recipients. Read about it  in the Telegraph here.

Sometimes I think that this is just another excuse to use that Shakespeare line about SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK. I would like to bring up the point DON”T THROW STONES IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASSHOUSE. Yes Denmark may be wrong but the percentage of refugees in Denmark is still way more than most other rich “western” countries.

So the Swedes can take the piss. This will concern Denmark more than a bit of Artistic sensionalist headline grabbing tantrum.

By the way the artists exhibition in Copenhagen was supurb.

28-01-16Wie wie refugees
The use of this Lego Block has not in anyway been sanctioned by Lego and represents the artists views and not that of Lego. Said Lego block was purchased at a shop for ordinary consumer prices. Mick at Sausages and Sauce.

Refugees; How do you measure up?

Todays little info-matic is inspired by todays news that Denmark will take refugees valuables as a contribution for their staying in Denmark. See this article join the The Guardian here. I don’t want to judge Denmark on this single point because there are just so many variables and questions to ask to complete the picture.

To highlight this I have chosen one variable and used the numbers provided by Wikipedia. The variable is simply the number of refugees countries have accepted per capita. You would also need to look at countries GDB, democracy, agricultural capability, population saturation, religion etc.You can find the refugee per capita data here data here.

From Wikis figures we can see that each country needs to accept approximately one refugee per 500 people on average. That sounds simple. It’s not of course and I will avoid some of the sticky questions.

My position is simply that we should not feign outrage over other countries refugee policy when it is obviously superior to your own. Yes Denmark has a problem because it absorbs so many refugees per population. Sweden could say not enough. But Sorry Australia, USA, New Zealand your opinion is worthless in the debate. Similarly other countries should not discuss Australia, USA and New Zealand because they are so appallingly bad themselves (thats Japan, China, Brazil etc)

If you look at the numbers you will see that its is confusing and thats just the way many of our politicians want it to be.

Anyway for whatever reason the higher the balloon floats the higher the contribution to taking refugees is, whether by compassion or geographical location.

27-01-16 balloons refugees
Refugees; World population 7.3 Billion. Refugee population 15 Million. Thats one for every 500 people give or take a few. We should be able to deal with that. 27-01-16. The higher the balloon the more refugees per capita the country takes. the central line represents the break even point and the scale in the vertical direction is exponential downwards.

Australia Day; Lets celebrate our Diversity.

Hello Australia Day and the naming of David Morrison head of the Diversity Council of Australia as Australian of the Year. He will obviously be of some concern with the old guard conservatives, royalists and general advocates of inequality everywhere. That story will unfold throughout the year and I hope it will be colourful and newsworthy for the right reasons or for satire possibly the wrong reasons.

Anyway while doing this little cartoon today I had an idea. It has often been of concern that the day we call Australia Day ( Jan 26) does not work for everyone. Also it is noted that we already have a holiday associated with hangovers and whatnot on January 1 which would be Constitution Day or Federation Day.

The solution I propose is that without delay we put aside all our problems and become a Republic with our very own Head of State. We could then have an Australia Day on the day we become a Republic. Problem solved except how do we choose exactly what day this would be.

26-01-16 australia day queen
Australia: Its Time.

Bill Memes

Bill memes are saturating the internet this morning. So I thought I would take a quick look at some of the well known ones.

Here is an article in the Sydney Morning Herald all about the phenomenon.

25-01-16 memes bill
Bill Memes; Not all Bills act appropriately.