She’ll Be Apples

Colloquial Australian for everything will be all right.




The Self Importance of the Driver

This topic of how important drivers (self included) become when behind the wheel. For some reason it seems the gas guzzling, air-conditioned, maintenance demanding transport device has taken precedence over all other healthier and less polluting forms of transport.

And then to see the very cars pull in to Maccas just leaves me confused.

A Fool and his Money will soon be Parted.

The title is an old message originating a long time ago and expressed in Proverb 21:20,  The wise store up choice food and olive oil,but fools gulp theirs down.

I will not start spouting proverbs but it does show this has been around for along time. However I think it is some kind of educational tale rather than the mantra of consumerism. It has become something of a justification for unscrupulous people to take advantage of the gullible.

So many of us have become the fool. Enslaved by advertising, consumerism and credit.

Merry Xmas.


One Nation a Genuine Chance in Queensland?

Well this brings a close to year (365 blogs) of political satire. Next year will be a little different with less of the daily news and more of a philosophical examination of society and culture in a consumerist world. Broader politics will not escape.


Well former premier says the next Queensland government will be a coalition between one of the major parties and One Nation.





This new deal to send refugees from Australian detention centres to the U.S and Costa Rican refugees to Australia seems to be about the most difficult way to achieve anything. It’s as if the refugees are a commodity at the hands of the unscrupulous free market economy from the time they are smuggled out of their country of origin until they get to the end their journey wherever that may be.

13-11-16 free market.jpg