Cricket Australia

Send in the Ducks is my advice.



The Race that Fleeces a Nation

Another Melbourne Cup day. An opportunity for everyone to don a hat and pretend they are wealthy for a day. The resulting throbbing hangover and realisation that not only will your outfit that cost a small fortune will be out of fashion next year, but that the rich now also have more of your hard earned money.

The Melbourne Cup a  metaphor for Australia today.



Skip the Middleman

This whole Olympic debacle about robberies and lies shows what could happen if corporations did not use sport as an advertising platform that dilutes money that could go directly to charity.

Let’s congratulate those companies that directly support charity.


23-08-16 charity
Charity: Mickey: 23-8-2016

Australian Olympians given Detention

Australian olympians Josh Palmer and Emma McKeon will be in naughty corner for the closing ceremony ¬†after disobeying the rules. These naughty ‘children’ (22 and 24) took their own safety into their own hands and we cannot have this kind of freedom and independent thought bandied around willy nilly on the world stage.

19-08-16 olmpic dream.jpg
Olympic Detention: Mickey: 19-8-2016