“Appropriate Support”

News in that the Australian government is supplying  “appropriate support” to the family of the detainee who ignited himself on Nauru and has now passed away.

Meeting the UN conventions for human rights could be a start. Meet the UN recommendations for humanitarian aid would be good. Stop blaming everybody else.

Read all about it here.


29-04-16 burning man nauru
“Appropriate Support” Mickey. 29-4-2016




Nauru: Paradise Lost

The tiny country of Nauru. Once the richest country in the world per capita, then the fatest by BMI index are now desperate for wealth  and takes refugees into detention for Australia.

This helps maintain the new Western Diet the people of Nauru have become addicted to that sees half the country with Diabetes and 85% of men clinically obese. The only good news is that all these detainees reduces the average obesity levels.

Shame on us , with plans, for the Manus detainees to be sent to Nauru.

See a video about it here


28-04-16 nauru
Paradise Lost:  Mickey . 28-4-2016


Green World

A report out suggests that the increased Co2 in the atmosphere is increasing the plant growth in the world. No kidding. Plants are the beneficiary of increased CO2 emissions. That’s not going to help if oceans still rise.

Read about it at the BBC here

26-04-16 green
Green World. Mickey. 26-04-2016



Fracking Condamine

Gases in the Condamine River believed to be caused by fracking. Read about it here.

And watch the video. can almost see the tourist industry rubbing its hands, this is what people can come and see when the Mediocre Barrier Reef if completely bleached.

By the way, the final of David Attenborough’s  three-part series on the reef is on the Australian ABC tonight. Read his plea here.


24-04-16 condomine fracking
Fracking Condomine. Mickey. 24-04-2016