Olympic Gold

The real value of the materials in an Olympic gold medal is less than $1000, its mainly silver.So why do we spend so much on athletes to get them. When it boils down to it it seems to me like a massive nationalistic propaganda campaign.

The athletes, naturally gifted or evolutionary anomalies with specific body types who have possible ego problems that drive them through extreme training schedules do their best. But should they really be funded to the tune of $10,000,000 per medal. Surely research scientists, health specialists etc have a better claim. they have endured similar hardships to train themselves to have the intellectual prowess they do. it equally matches the Evolutionary survival of the fittest requirements.

As a capitalist venture the return is not good so why I ask is it that the governments of capitalist countries continue to promote sport at this level of funding. PROPAGANDA.

It is therefore no surprise that the athletes we herald as the greatest in world come from rich nations. So the medals really only represent the greatest athletes from the wealthy world.

16-08-16 olympic gold
Gold. Mickey. 16-8-2016

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