Chicken Strike

Today the debate goes on about what should be considered free range for chickens. Commercial supermarkets want a chicken per square meter while the RSPCA, Choice and CSIRO advocate for much less density. Read about the proposals for Australia here.

Now happy chickens are what we all want. the happiest we can afford. But changing the classification to make consumers happy is a just wrong. When we think of free range chickens in the garden or on a farm we do not think of a density of 600 chickens on a suburban lot, we think about a dozen or two basking in the sun making dirt baths and scratching for food.

Free range is obviously better for the chickens than barn or cage but it needs a different name to give an honest representation of the produce.

Free range as a description is taken and redefining it to suit the wants of supermarket chains is deceptive.


31-03-16 free range chicken
Chickens Call Strike Action. Mickey. 31-3-2016





The hijacking of an aircraft in Egypt by a man rigged with a bomb made out of I-phone cases could be called I-Jacking. Sorry bad Joke. Read about it here.

Also, news that the FBI has broken the code for the San Bernadino terrorism suspects I-Phone.


30-03-16 hijack
I-Jacking. Mickey. 30-03-2016


Average Barrier Reef

News that 95% of 1000 km of the northern part of the Great barrier today is suffering from coral bleaching, read it here.

Soon we will need to rename it.


29-03-16 reef
Average Barrier Reef: Mickey. 29-3-2016




Wind Power

Cannot help but feel the corporations invested in dirty fuel are grasping at straws and the Federal government are supporting them with the $3.3 million to study effects of noise from wind generators. See this ABC News article for detail.


25-0-16 wind
They’ll Be The Death Of Us. Mickey. 25-03-2016