The Pacman Election Campaign.

The Senate in this double dissolution election is wide open for minor parties and independents to get elected. Bring on true democracy give us a representative Senate. Vote for what you want and make the parties negotiate agreements. Do not let the scare campaigns influence your vote.

30-06-16 election.jpg
Packmen Elaection: Mickey. 30-6-2016



Pied Piper of Capitalism

Throw up some nationalism, hanker back to the days of old when all was wonderful and todays problems unheard of and you soon have all the propaganda you need for the pied piper to draw the rats out from their jobs as used car salesmen and real estate agents. A bit of momentum enhanced by media moguls and soon the sheep, curious to see what is going on will follow. Disregard everything that is good at the present to find the pot of gold at the end of the fairytale rainbow. Ignore the experts, Bob down the pub knows best.

29-02-2016 piiper caitalism
Pied Piper. Mickey. 29-6-2016


England: A Users Guide to Silly.

Oh it’ s a sad day for England. Wearing their U.S. Nike kit and loosing to Iceland in their Italian (at least Italy is European) kit. Go Iceland France next. watch out next time as England and the other UK nations will emerge as a dominant footballing nation free of their European treaties.

28-06-2016 exit euro
How Deep. Mickey. 28-6-2016


Election Oz

Here we go the final week of the marathon campaign. The major parties seem to be on the defensive with a lot of negative speak about the alternatives to them. After Brexit I fear the average punter may vote for no change. But the Senate may throw up some interesting results.

27-06-2016 election
Sheep. Mickey. 27-06-2016 

Brexit ; The Hangover

Well this will be better than the soapies. What will become of the UK.  Will europe just move on or will it try to keep the UK. Who knows? One thing for sure is that the EU issues that  the Brexit parties won on are full of gigantic holes.

Brexit: The hangover. mickey 25-6-2016

Boys Club

The Eddie Maguire and Sam Newman show roles on. Football shows giggle at bad jokes that tread the lines of racism and sexism. Infantile, ignorant and imbecilic remarks that cause media fracases probably even get ratings. But pandering to societies lowest common denominator is not what being a male role model should be, grow up boys, show some decency.

24-06-16 AFL
The face AFL 2016. Mickey. 24-6-2016