State of Origin

Queensland v New South Wales

One team pulls on a Jersey with its home state beer logo the other does not. How can the pride exist when as a representative of your state you are an advertising billboard for Victoria Bitter. I’m sorry but has no one noticed this. As they pull on their Jerseys, probably made overseas by a British company originally started in New Zealand, what goes through their heads.

I have got to conclude that NSWs have become a well-coordinated advertising campaign for VB. Some economic consumer advertising analyst has worked out that more VB is consumed if NSWs fail. There is simply no other logical explanation for NSW to continue year after year with the same plan. It does not work. OK the gold fish theory could explain the logic but we ‘ll save that for another day.



23-06-2016 origin
VB v XXXX ; Mickey 23-6-2016



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