Work E-mail

FBI, Clinton , E-mail, more hurdles to jump.



Pirates may rule Iceland.

Iceland may well have changed how politics works giving The Pirate Party a sizeable % of the vote in the latest election.Read about it here.


The Rats have Taken over.

The monopoly of major parties on our democracy concerns me. We seem to have fallen into the trap of Republican v Democrat, Labour v Conservative, Labor v Liberal and not much else. We have a choice, and breaking the monopoly the big parties have should be considered.


Living in Dreamworld

After the unfortunate deaths at Dreamworld it seams bizarre that the CEO would be up for a bonus. Read about it here at the Also climate report released today by Csiro and Bureau of Meteorology,read about it here.

27-10-16 dreamworld.jpg
Dreamworld. Mickey. 27-10-2016