Nauru : New Laws

It will be a relief for those detained on Nauru that suicide and homosexuality have been decriminalised. Read about it


31-05-16 nauru.jpg
Good News. Mickey. 31-5-2016



IVF: Creation and Abortion

It always seems a little of a paradox in the health system here in Oz. Abortion is essentially illegal and yet the creation of life is a $250 million dollar burden on medicare. The whole debate is a minefield of keeping religious and political groups happy which seems to have led us down a path that is very weird. Here is a story on the ABC.


30-05-16 IVF abortion
Creation and Abortion. Mickey. 30-5-2016



Senate:Federal Election.

The Australian double dissolution election means all the Senate seats are up for contestation (usually it is only half). What this means is that parties such as the greens and independents can win seats. It means we may actually have a democracy where views other than the majority can be expressed. The majority still has to vote new rules law etc. in. So good luck to independents, minor and smaller parties. Turnbull must know this, that is the strangest thing. The master puppeteer is applying his trade.


29-05-16 hansen senate
You Get What You Ask For. Mickey. 2016


U.N Report: Allegedly Edited

Bits may have been left out of a U.N Climate Report according to this article. The government could not possibly be editing/censoring U.N. reports. If you cannot trust the governments of the world…



28-05-16 climate
U.N. Climate Report. OZ Edition. Mickey. 28-5-2016


El Nino. Over for Now

Reports suggest that the El Nino is over now. Climate sceptics can get out their old arguments and dust them off. Read about it here at the ABC.


26-05-2016 el nino
El Nino Dead, Long Live La Nina . Mickey. 26-5-2016


Biodegradable bags not Degrading

New UN report out suggests that plastic bags in the ocean will outnumber the fish by 2050. The increase in temperature will, however, aid in degradation of the bags. Fish numbers declining may also help us reach this target far earlier than anticipated. so next tiem you think you are not contributing to progress look at your shopping bags.


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#plastic Bags > #Fish 2050. Mickey. 25-5-2016