News: Consumer

This latest cartoon concerns itself with the news as a consumer product. The real news still exists but, we see the sports and consumer products etc dominate. Politics remains prominent but that is a necessity of corporations to use the media to ensure the correct political entity remains in power. If you watch commercial TV and accept the news from it chances are that you will sway in your voting towards a specific desired corporate outcome.

Enough said, the ideas come from a variety of sources. This from CBC News is a good example about the refugees, but hidden in world news after sports and local lesser stories.

Keep thinking. Be critical. Don’t believe a word I say or draw.

31-01-16 News refugees
The News: Sport etc. Weather etc. Celebrities etc. Mick 31-01-16

Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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