Bettin’ on Biological Control.

While reading a little about the Zika Virus here in the Guardian I had a terrible thought. What if the worlds betting agencies took odds on various health/disease events and their annual outcomes. I know it’s one of those things the brain should just hold on to; but, well I could not quite put it to one side.

Betting is known to be a disaster for many families, it is highly addictive and promises riches. It escapes regulation and seems to have become a major pervasive sponsor of our sporting and drinking establishments. Always good to know that betting here in Oz is essentially illegal unless through some institution where the odds are stacked. Go figure.

Anyhows; I reckon that these betting companies and those that support them could chip in and do something for the world instead of a general money harvesting machine for the already rich.

29-02-16 Betting
Biological Control: PARASITES Versus VIRUSES. Mick. 2016



Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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