Beer Economy : Deemed Illegal

In a country where Mateship, individual rights, equal opportunity and easy going liberal attitudes are how we identify ourselves on the world stage we really can be downright stodgy and conservative. The closing down of Yepoon based Facebook community beer bartering site really is the last straw.

If we look at the liquor laws in Queensland you really have to say, WTF. You can go to almost any drinking hole get wasted all day loose all your families money in the gambling machines go out for a smoke (if you can afford them) so long as you do not drive home. But go to the beach for a romantic evening and share a glass of Aussie bubbly and you have broken the law. That picnic in the park, Seriously leave the beer at home, you are damaging some business tycoon down in Melbournes right to have complete control of your imbibing a beer.

Lets take another view. You’ve invited your mates over to move your stuff do a few minor reno’s on the new house and give the car push start. Think again about offering them a beer this would be bartering alcohol for labour. ILLEGAL.

Get the gist, this is not the Queensland we want. I don’t want a bunch of boof heads ruining my day either but seriously what are our public drinking laws and alcohol bartering laws really about.

What is it for? This seems to be a persistent question I have to ask when looking at the laws we pass here in QLD. Violent behaviour, public nuisance, etc fair enough but standing in one place for too long.

Luckily my potentially tourist friends bringing their money from overseas to spend in our almost paradisical world think I’m joking when I tell them about our draconian alcohol laws.

So who drives these laws, the misguided religious right certainly help. The tax has already been taken by the government at the original sale point, surely they don’t want to double dip. The big push must surely come from ¬†the cashed up, politically persuasive booze and gambling sector that want everything done within their domain.

The purpose of all of these organisations, whether Government, Business or Religion seems to be to crush any social gathering that they do not control.

Social network economics (whether about beer or not) needs to be encouraged. Direct dealing with farmers, artisans and trade workers benefits everyone. Except of course the parasites that exist in-between the public and the product.


22-01-16 beer.jpg
The Darkside versus Vibrant Community. Mick at Sausage Rolls with Sauce this 22.01.16








Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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