Korea: The Neighbourhood Dispute

This little infomatic came to mind after a a morning discussion with my love (and by the way you can visit her here).

Anyway; I have always had a strange idea that if countries where invaded/inundated with consumer products they would become like our stereotypically lazy teenagers in the west. Given the amount spent on defence throughout the left hand side of the world (the west) that is an awfully huge amount of Netflix and Spotify that could be provided. It is a most reasonable free market policy that the conservative right could potentially support. If “insert fast food chain name of choice here” where given control they would have conquered “insert religious group here” ages ago.

13-01-16 korea
Korea : The Neighbourhood Dispute; Gangham Style; MJK 2016

Messi gets a new Balloon.


In the News Today.

You have probably heard that Messi got another award, along with the passing of David Bowie (RIP) and the banning of 34 Essendon players. Some openings for talented footballers down here Essendon, Australia. We offer more balloons for use in transit. Messi BalloonEssendon and Bowie you can see in every respectable newspaper and most others.

12-01-16 messis balloon
Fair Play: Messi has all the Balloons.

Guns, Health and Safety

An open sauce satirical view of world politics.

In this great world it amazes me how often politicians dribble on about common sense and we never seen to move forward. Each candidate bogs themselves down in some trivia that the media can beat into a frenzy that does not offend the corporate world greatly. Hence an array of watered down tripe that serves nobody and proceeds nowhere results.

11-01-16 consumer

Like my visual or not take some time to think todays issues through, no matter what political stereotype you are. Read this from the Violence Policy Center .

All work is largely original by Sausage Rolls with Sauce.

The Broken News

HBO announces new season of Game of Thrones with the expectation that the ‘real fictional’ character Jon Snow will be resurrected, While Barrack Obama claims the National Rifle Association rhetoric is ‘imaginary fiction’.You can read about Obama here and Game of Thrones here.

The Broken News is part of the original works of Sausage Rolls and Sauce which you can also follow on Facebook Sausage Rolls with sauce

9-1-16 Game of Thrones





The Microbead

Until this morning I had no idea what a microbead was. So I read this   story and this one about Obama banning microbeads here. Now I cannot understand why our Australian government, and environmental minister are going to have a voluntary phase out.

08-01-16 Microbeads
The Life-Cycle of the Microbead.

‘Kids can’t open an aspirin bottle but can pull a trigger’ Obama

This is my first post in this new wordpress blog. The posts on this page will be a mixture of political comment and general observations in the community. The cartoons are satirical and meant to provoke ideas. They examine the ironies about a variety of themes that recur in the media, and ask not for distinct solutions but a rhetoric that may advance all of us in the future. My basic stance is that I believe in equality.