Sausage Rolls with Sauce. A News Satire experience.

Hello this is a News Satire Blog. Each day for the year I intend to find what is trending in the worlds news and look at from a different perspective.

Often I find that the news takes too simplistic approach, So I look for data that I can hang my does of satire irony from.

It all about fun and knowledge. Its also about education, removing the power of advertising and high power media organisation to dominate our thoughts and induce us into particular political thoughts and eventually affect our democracy and freedom.

I can promise that you probably won’t agree with all that I say, thats cool because I’m not sure that I do. what I really want to promote is that we all really think about what is happening in the world around us and potentially get clearer information on everything from green energy to tax.

Sausage Rolls is a common fast food in Australia served with sauce. Sauce is also a word used to spice things up a bit. Hence I provide the news presented as an illustration with a bit of satire to spice it up.

Some of the ideas will work some fail. the point is that each day within an hour of two of arising for the day I read the news and produce a work.


Regards Mick, happy days.

21-01-16 OIL


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