The Carrot Conspiracy

With elections coming up and what we have seen around the world it appears that we have duopolies in many cases that are not as democratic as it would seem. Labour, Labor Liberal, Conservative, Democrat or Republican all pander to big business in some form of neoliberal way. The big guys keep getting bigger and the wealth distribution unequal.

Next time you vote think beyond what these raging parties are really going to do for you on health and education  that is so different from the previous versions of the same parties.

Don’t upset the apple cart

The Carrot Conspiracy: Mickey: 19-10-16

One thought on “The Carrot Conspiracy”

  1. Hi, Mickey. I love the cartoon and the commentary. I would imagine at the same time that you may share my worry about Donald Trump’s bizarre candidacy which portrays the strong man as the fixer. Donald is the farthest thing from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Jill Stein. Just thought I’d chime in. I’ve already voted here in Minnesota. I didn’t vote for the carrot-top head. -:) All the best.


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