May (Flower) in July leads Britain into the Light

The Mayflower set sail from Britain , carrying the English seperatists to the New World, in 1620. So glad we have moved on. Theresa May, the new Mayflower (although it is now July) of Britain will not have similar success (if you consider the USA a success),  just where on earth are they going to go? The mind boggles. Just like in 1620 the dissatisfied have launched their ageing rickety old boat into new waters. Unfortunately the world to be discovered has already been inhabited/colonised, the Empire is somewhat aged and however bright the alternative to Europe seems to the average bloke (supping his Carlsberg) at the pub thinks, the light went out long ago. It may be just a bit funny to be a new generation of refugees.

12-07-16 brexit may.jpg
Gonna need a bigger torch. Mickey. 12-7-2016

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