Euro 2016

I’m very exited about the Euro 2016 kick off tomorrow. the national pride of the countries playing. So much so that hosts, France, are wearing kits manufactured by american company Nike and their opponents aRomania are kitted up by spanish clothes manufacture Joma. How about some home country pride, what a place to advertise your own products. What a place for fans to buy stuff made at home. All wasted.

10-6-16 euro
Euro 2016. Mickey. 10-6-2016

3 thoughts on “Euro 2016”

  1. Mickey – quite agree with the sentiment – but i’m going to be guessing if you’re not going to the game in person you’ll be supping your Pepsi Cola and eating your Mcdonalds or even watching the game in some Heineken pouring bar that’s showing the game on a Sony Flatscreen TV – in which case where the National Team gets its products from is a bit irrelevant don’t you think? Welcome to the Global Village!

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    1. I do agree that at times I will be a hypocrit but generally I dont drink cola product or eat Maccas. I usually find the craft beers, preferably locally brewed (not always possible at bigger events). Your point is kind of what I want to highlight, but if we as a community create a market for local product then it will be served and that can only be good. There are so many places that the Global Village can be good but I think we can choose which parts. The internet gives us all the ability to communicate like this, it also gives us the opportunity to be more diverse in our food for example rather than becoming blandly globalised.

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