The Armchair Democracy

Brisbane’s election results are as expected, with a Liberal returned to Mayor and a 20 odd to six representation in the council.

Each seat has basically voted identically. At the next election, it will probably swing the other way.

This is fine, I guess for the two major parties. First, the Liberals get a go then Labor. Sitting outside of this is the Greens and some minor Independents which although pulling 15% of the vote get no rep[resentation.

This leads to bland governments for a monoculture populous which develops whatever political opinions it has from commercial TV and Newspapers. Commercial TV sells, of course, cars not public transport. Sells air conditioning and more TVs not walking in the national park and picnics (unless it can use this to advertise cars and TVs).

Think about it.


20-03-16 armchair democracy
Armchair Democracy. Mickey. 20-03-2016





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