In response to the UNs world happiness report


What is it that makes us happy. Often here in Oz I think nature, sunshine and what’s left of the environment make me happy. So then why does a country like Denmark which has very little of these always rank #1. Maybe it’s because they pay tax and their government does stuff for the all of the people. We could be #1 if our government and our people started thinking the scandic way instead of just heading to IKEA to support their lifestyle.

Anyway here is an infographic about how I think some parts of the  pursuit of happiness exist. I suggest, look at mine and draw your own, You will place cars or food or health in different places. You’ll forget the obvious that you take for granted like clean drinking water or mandatory education.

Two areas I have completely missed are Religiosity and Art. One could suggest that religion could fall into the drug category and art into education.

Literacy should also be included but that’s another story.

Oh yeah, and stop trying to find loopholes to avoid following UN humanitarian advice or Carbon emissions ideas.

We once had ideas of being the smart state but I think we should just stick with the sunshine state so long as climate change is kind to us.


18-03-16 happiness
Happiness. Mickey 18-03-2016



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