Charity and Hope.

In the past, many of our charities have been run by religious organisations. we used to presume that they would do the right thing. Today PR companies create a foundation for every celebrity/idol that has ten minutes of fame.

We give to these charities under the presumption they do good. Some are genuine some not. A guide from my brief research is that a minimum of 65% of the money raised should go to projects that benefit the intended recipients. Cynical as I am many of the celebrity foundations are more about maintaining celebrity profiles, staying on the front page looking good.

Before you give your money away have a quick check of the organisation. Some celebrities are doing well, others not.

Google charity check. Most places have one. In  Oz it’s here at the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Remember the best way to give is actually called Tax. And the best way to decide where that money goes is by informed democratic voting.


12-03-16 charity
Charities: Can’t see the Trees for the Forest. Mickey. 12-03-2016



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