News in the morning paper today about the commercial success that may come from interest in the Queen Garnet Plum. Tests on rats have shown that the rats lose weight and return to normal while maintaining a junk food diet.

At $18 a kilo, it is a touch expensive. Maybe you can sell anything to some people all of the time. At this price, you could buy 8kg of bananas or five pineapples or 2 kg of cherries or four kilos of normal plums etc.

The idea I find most incongruent is that someone who’s dropped into a artery clogging weight watcher for your wallet franchised fast food establishment to buy the family dinner is then going to go down to the fresh food market and buy the most expensive superfood on the shelf. Not gonna happen.

Health food marketed to maximise profit is somehow unethical too.

The rats also apparently return to “normal” in 12 weeks or so, but the experiment also introduces exercise. And according to this article, twelve rat weeks is two human years. that ‘ll be a lot of plums.

Eat fresh unprocessed foods, exercise regularly and don’t give your money to everyone selling a gimmick. Hey, you really don’t need lycra to be fit.


Superfoods=Dollars. Mickey. 7-3-16






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