Fair wages. Politicians, Sports, Movie and Music Stars.

Once again the politicians retirement payout has reared its head here in Oz. The claim is always that they are overpaid and I’m sure some do take advantage of their positions.

What I find interesting or incongruent is that although paid reasonably well to lead the country and administer our education, health, security, transport and other essential services we don’t see fit to pay them the equivalent to a fairly average sportsperson.

We reward people for hitting balls back and forth over a net for three hours more than we pay the government. And I mean the best tennis player in the world would be paid considerably more than the entire Australian House of Reps.

This is worth thinking about next time we go to vote. Did we think about our local member as much as we did the latest teen X-factor winning celebrity. Did we spend as much tiem finding out about the policies of our member as we did at the footy.

Maybe we need to consider our proiorities.


06-03-16 wages
Wages versus Profession. Mickey. 6-3-2016



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