Mr Pell, Mr Bergoglio

You probably will not recognise these names without their catholic titles. Mr Pell is in charge of the economy of the catholic church in the vatican and Rome. Mr Bergoglio is the pope.

The process of election of the two would appear to be based on the fact they can keep a secret or two. They are the ones who have managed to sidestep the scrutiny of media and enquiries. I suggest that this is the reason they are where they are today. The heads of the catholic church not unlike the knights templar can keep a secret.

They act outside of the law of democracies and infiltrate the halls of power. The act to preserve the churches name and not for the people they pretend to protect.

They dress in strange clothes, big hats and cloaks. They give themselves righteous titles; not unlike superheroes. They worship gods that seem to turn a blind eye to sexual assault. the pope’s name is not even Francis, that’s his superhero name.



01-03-16 Pell Catholic
Beware of Men in FUNNY hats. Mickey. 1-3-16



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