Baby Asha Vs $30 Billion extra ind Defence

Yep you can help but admire this. We cannot find a way to deal with a baby in hospital but we can land an extra $30 billion dollars for defence. For Australia, that takes it up to a nice round 2% of GDP. The UN reckons we should all throw in 0.7% of GDP to alleviate humanitarian issues worldwide.

Only a few nations achieve this magical number, but many nations spend ten times more on defence. Defence from what? Defence from the people that could do with some aid. Defence from countries we rely on for cheap plastic, throw away products and fuel that satisfy our consumer lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy local and not support regimes we hate via consumerism.

Anyway, much of this information can be found with fellow blogger at Make wealth history (Because the earth can’t afford our lifestyle)  Much more can be found of course on Wikipedia. What I would suggest is to look at your own countries actual commitment to foreign aid against the recommendation of the UN of 0.7% of GDP.

Government throw around big numbers to impress and to confuse. We the say we’ll spend this amount here and this amount there. Individuals are impressed by thousands of dollars, start talking billions, we simply cannot cope. But talk about the fact that on average we spend ten times more on defence than we do on foreign aid surely some alarm bells must begin to ring.

End of todays rant.  Have a good one this the penultimate day of the week.


In Defense of Baby Asha. Mickey. 25-02-16



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