Homeland Security: Mass Shootings and Software Security

OK, Difficult topic at the best of times. Mass shootings = Victims. From the perspective of the software guys  Security = Sales.

As a society, we seek security. A celebrities cloud gets burst we are outraged. Somebody can access our petty parking fine records. OUTRAGEOUS. We expect privacy as a right (and probably a god given one at that). So I hesitantly suggest that if want easier access to criminal events we might have to lighten up on some of our other privacy.

Once my passcode is put into a phone I expect that data to be private. I do not think Oh it’s OK if I lose the passcode, I’ll just get in touch with ?? whoever and ask them to retrieve all my “private data”. No, if I lose my passcode I actually lose the information.

Anyway hope the FBI cracks the code, Justice is done and the world superheroes amalgamate to defeat all the worlds naughty people.

Of course, a good solution that nobody seems to have thought of is to stop selling guns to ##### of all types of loons.

Have a Fantastic Day out there.

24-02-16 homeland security.jpg
Homeland Security v Computer Security. Mickey. 24-02-16

And if you need a soundtrack to this you can watch Elvis Costello. Watching the Detectives 1978


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