Indonesia: Plastic Bag

Now it seems to me that when the free capitalist system which hails itself self-monitoring cannot address the supermarket plastic bag adequately we have a problem. The plastic bag is a pretty good metaphor for pollution in general as is the great Pacific garbage patch for the concentration of pollution over time. We can see plastic bags in our parks and gardens unlike the pollution that “disappears” into the atmosphere. We can see the ocean creatures strangles the birds it.

This article suggests that the Indonesians are embracing the fee for plastic bags. This will help the Pacific. Anyway, no matter who you are you can reduce consumption. Vote for it, Act on it at any scale that you can actually achieve daily, and make it normal or habitual. There is only one thing that capitalism will understand and that is the Consumer Voice. The thing to grasp is that YOU have the power. Use it wisely.

23-02-16 bag tax.jpg
Plasticus bagae vulgaris: Invading an ocean near you: Mickey. 23-02-16

Below I’ll pass on another link to Tim Minchin. CANVAS BAGS, this song will stick in your head and hound you down every time you use a plastic bag.


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