Mexican Stand Off.

Funny how my post yesterday was very much about someone hiding out behind the walls of the vatican and today the pope is telling others not to build walls. Hypocrisy is obviously not a huge sin in downtown Vaticanville.

They don’t really do refugees either in  Vaticanville. Who polishes all the gold and stuff they have acquired, selling god to the needy and desperate. Surely there is some kind of menial tasks. Although given the catholic churches record it’s probably not a place to send families.

Walls have failed in the past. Maybe the Vaticanville walls succeed because we really don’t want those people in our regular society.

Trump of course by definition is wrong. He probably is christian that adds up.

19-02-16 pope v trump
WALLS: Christian Capitalist v Capitalist Christian. Mickey. 19-02-2016

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