Cardinal Sin

Todays news is full of going home stories the UK escorted those pesky Ruskies away from their airspace, Everyone in the South China Sea area wish China would bugger off home. And here in good old OZ we want Mr Pell to come home. Mr Pell has some questions to answer. Questions he has had quite a long time to answer in fact. So come on home.

The Royal Commission into child abuse want to see him. The victims of the catholic church  want to see him, in fact everyone with an eye for justice probably wants to a least here from him.

In the catholic church Pell is called a ‘Cardinal’ (I myself like to be called Regent but nobody bothers), thats a made up position, so why use it. The catholic church is undemocratic, patriarchal anti equality, anti condom anti education anti science generally anti fun and they lie big time. I figure that reaching this position of ‘Cardinal” is when they have successfully achieved high merit badges in each of the cardinal sins. High achievement in Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth (inability to catch plane home), Wrath, Envy and Pride.

As a body they are no more important than an automobile organisation. They need to give back the land and money they have gained by telling mistruths about the existence of god.

18-02-16 Cardinal Pell.jpg
Cardinal Sin: MIckey. 18-2-2016

Tim Minchin has made this little song to so if I can give it little plug and someone watches it a little more money goes to a charity for the victims of abuse.


Respect to Tim Minchen.


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