Franchises: 50 Shades of Beige

Back in the 90’s I had a sales manager that I now consider uttered the most constructive words for my creative side that I ever heard. He was sloppy, overweight, smoked in inappropriate places and worst of all proudly drove a 1970’s eggshell blue Volvo bumper car. Dressed in his beige pants, eggshell blue shirt and tan shoes casually flicking his cigarette ashes across the floor we had to drag pristine white structural umbrella fabric he proclaimed the immortal words ” I don’t know why we do all these special colours; just do beige, beige goes with everything.”

Well I found this guy so repulsive in all that he did, I became distinctly anti beige and the passion has transcended all things. Food, Music and Art . No more beige. Definitely no Volvo.

In an awkward Segway, I shift to reading about the 7-Eleven pay debacle in the News about 7-Eleven allegedly effectively paying someone 47 cents an hour and my mind went NNNNOOOO!!!!


17-02-16 franchises etc.jpg
Fifty Shades of Beige. Mickey. 17-2-16. Thinking of “These Boots are Made for Walking” Nancy Sinatra


As I look back I have seen the invasion of many of these franchises. In the UK they all but killed off the Fish and Chip shops in the 80s. In Australia the corner shop take away was squished by the big M. Gardening is dominated by franchises, making it hard for the independent ( which I was) to get a fair go. Some guy learnt to make potato scallops in a factory. Nothing is original, that is Post-Modern, but it doesn’t need to be Beige.

These franchises have a business plans designed to maximise  their abuse of labour. Not beyond the law just beyond the intention of the law. If you are treated by a young smiling person desperate to make a sale you are probably in a franchise.

Rant and Rave no more. Heres some fact and figures.

Happy Days. Buy local. Use local trades, local foods. Don’t feel like a hypocrite if you can’t achieve it all of the time. It’s hard to beat the consumer system as it is but we can bend it. TODAY BEIGE, TOMORROW EGGSHELL BLUE.



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