Barnaby. Oh Barnaby

Ok Warren is on his way out and it looks like Barnaby will be the new leader of the Nationals. By default this propels the leader into the position of Deputy Prime Minister. In this case the Deputy always reminds me of some classic stereotype from shows like Dukes Of Hazard.

The Nationals have 9 seats and the liberals 58. However another 22 seats are held by Queensland National Liberal Party (LNP).  So Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby gets his position with 9 seats. The LNP with 22 get no title, not even Vice Deputy Minister. Queensland has experience when it comes to vice. But then again so does Victoria and NSW.

Anyway I think we need a Principled Deputy who can get the job on merit not due to the individual fractionalisation of the parties. Not because they are leader of an increasingly minority party.


12-02-16 barnaby Joyce
Barnaby. Oh Barnaby. Mickey 12-2-16


Next thing you know we’ll have a green Deputy who believes in socialist ideas and solar power.

So. Barnaby go for it let every opinion you have be broadcast to the world. You can change the political future of our country, single handedly. You, and only you have the power. You have bettered Johnny Depp in a dual Of intellect. You have made mountains from molehills



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