New Hampshire: Scary Stuff.

Seems like in recent times the Republicans that win here generally become president if the Republicans are voted in. Notables are Bush # 1, Reagan, but Bush # 2 won only when he was president.

This is the most fantastic statistical sport I’ve ever come across. Some 4oo0+ delegates to decide the outcome and we are only 50 or so decided with weeks of drama, backstabbing, sexual innuendo, and nationality  questioning to come. Who needs I’m A has been celebrity trying to make my last buck before the last bit off gloss finally washes of my fading celebrity get me out of here when we have this colossal cat fight of the political type. Like the Superbowl we just need to know the rules.

The rules are simple first to around 2350 odd delegates wins. Liker a video game watch out for the obvious pitfalls, rodents of unusual size and the inevitable question of gay marriage.

More lessons next week. I’m gonna understand this election process by November.

I remember when I watched Gridiron. It was interesting until I new the rules. This could be the same.

Be happy.

11-02-16 New Hampshire Trump
Trump: I am the Greatest. Mickey 11-2-16

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