The Red Carpet: Funded by ?

Well if you saw this in the news you will be part way to understanding this post. The Saudi president took his limo ride to a social housing opening. Well what a joke. The red carpet thing is brilliant, maybe he has a sense of humour, maybe it’s a poke though I doubt it. How often do we see our “WESTERN” pollies take junkets in helicopters or private planes, go to conferences that just happen to be in Paris when their friends are also there.

Anyway I’m wandering off track.

The thing I find really absurd is that all that wealth for said Red Carpet comes from the ignorant gas guzzling Red Necks that often so abhor the people of the Middle Eastern.


10-02-16 petrol
Gas Guzzlers of the World Unite; Fund the MiddleEast. Mickey 10.2.16


So gas guzzlers of the world go green and stick a cog in the spokes of the undemocratic.


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