The Super Bowl Sale

One of the worlds foremost sporting events. The Super Bowl. The challenge between the finest Gridiron teams in the U.S.A. Or is it? As the mighty teams, driven by testosterone face each other between various less maculine music and cheer leading exhibitions and others battle looms in the not quite background.

The battle for the best advert, and the commercial air space for the products pits Beer against Beer. Soda v Cola. Finance v Insurance. Sauce v Chips. Car v Car. Product after product with the odd topical health or domestic violence warning thrown in.

A moment of pride for the U.S.A when you discover the car mat in your new car may actually be made in America even if the rest of the Vehicle is a hybrid Japanese, Korean, European tin can. Don’t be fooled Jeep is just a gesture.

Ok. I’ve lost my plot?

Basically in a nutshell; What I question is. Are the adverts between the sporting action or have we reached the point where there is no doubt that the advertising is more important than the sport. But it could be more than just about the fast food ads.

Maybe at Super Bowl it has always been about the spectacle (Not the sport or the adverts).

So where did that Avocado Ad come from? Mexico. Its the only natural product I’ve seen all day.

Enough said. Segway to all the Ads. Enjoy some of them. they are fantastic.

09-02-16 Super Bowl
Superbowl:Supersale:Supersize. 9-2-16 Mickey




Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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