U.N. The Unachievable Ideal.

This post is charged by so many ideas. The principle one is the resistance to The U.N. which is fundamentally an organisation that should oversee good. In the past twenty or so years we have seen the deconstruction of the U.N. by those that should support it and make it better.

Cop 21 seems forgotten. Humanitarian rights for children etc ignored. Recommendations of U.N. panels also ignored, ridiculed or derided. I’m not sure about Assange, but what I do believe is he should be charged with treason, or being a very naughty boy or whatever real charge he can be charged with. I’m sure the authorities in this could case could work something out. At the end of the day I hope they are all in some kind of Euro-Scandinavian Plot to build a new bridge across the North Sea and fund it from the trials and tribulations in a Nordic Noir drama of Assange’s exploits and death in the middle of the bridge deciding the UK and the New Scandinavian Super capital (Oslo-Malmo-Copenhagen). Etc Etc.

Well thats confusing. I think the next U.N resolution should insist that goodies and babies where appropriately coloured hats. No I see thats got some faults .

I’ll think about it. Clear as mud. Good Times. Big smiles.


08-02-16 Uninted Nations
U.N : Unacheivable Notions 8-2-2016

PS I-want… coming to your shelves soon.


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