Conservative Politics.

Why? We have some of the most incredible possibilities to have clean energy. Education via new tecnology for more people in more ways. We can have multi cultures, multiple languages. WE can have more forms of entertainment. More free time. So why do we keep returning to conservative values and hiding from the future. You know it’s going to arrive one day.

The only thing we cannot have is more Gods no two different paths living side by side is inconceivable. Or more than two political parties.(i.e. Republicans v Democrats to Labour v Conservatives or here in Oz Labor v Liberal).

We’ve tried most of the old ideas, that’s why they are old ideas, some of them don’t work. Lets move forward. Not take some sentimental journey back to a Hollywood 1956 movie that has become our stereotype of good living.

07-02-16 Conservatives
Dummies for Dummies the Honest Folks Party. Mickey 07-06-2016

We have got to stop voting for people who are proper up by big corporations trying to protect their assets that have become prehistoric and are draining the earth of precious assets which we may need desperately in the future.

That all I have to say for now. Happy Days. HEEEEYYYY.


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