Smoke and Mirrors. Illusion and Delusion.


Here in Oz we have a relatively new Prime Minister that has a need to balance the mad Hatters on the conservative right and the need to stay in power.

In a magical conjuring trick to please the populous he has awarded the humanitarians an  extra $25 million AUD, which sounds like a lot but is drop in the ocean (which is of course increasing). Ok the UN suggest if we pay .7 percent of our GDP in Humanitarian Aid we can solve a lot of problems . At present we are at .3 percent in the company of those we admire for their aid contributions Italy, Portugal, Greece, And a little above the illustrious U.S.A.

If it was nt for those pesky secular Scandinavians we’d look pretty good but no, like the kid with an apple for teacher they have to do a little better than everyone else. push.

Anyway while everyone is watching the humanitarian aid in Malcolms one hand his other hand squishes the primary independent science organisation researching Climate Change.

Now I might not know much, but I have an inkling that if all the islands go under water, more floods, more droughts, less food etc all occur we might have some serious refugee problems.

I suggest more condoms.

Thats all I have to say on this subject.

05-02-2015 humanitarian Aid
Malcolm the Magnificent; Look into my Eyes, Look into my Eyes. Mickey . 05-02-2016



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