Traffic Jams, Condoms and Man Flu

It amazes me each morning on my morning walk just how many people commute by themselves. Have we in this society become so precious about ourselves as individuals that we need the security of sitting in our own private air conditioned cube of metal on wheels  no matter what that costs in environmental pollution and tax paid infrastructure.

Anyway good news; now thanks to what may be one of the biggest international corporate terrorist acts anywhere petrol prices are on the way down. With the Middle east flooding the market with cheap oil, the resolutions of COP21 will be extraordinarily difficult to achieve. Environmental friendly energy will become less competitive in the market place and stock markets will plummet. Dark days will be ahead but petrol will be cheap and you can save money while contentedly sitting on your congested roads sucking in deep breathes of nitrogen dioxide contaminated air.

Or we could get over ourselves, wear the white hat, choose the ethically correct over what is simply the easiest for our highly sensitive, socially incompetent anxiety riddled society. Stop traffic jams by not participating, wear your condom when told to and get over your man flu, you ain’t gonna die from it.


21-01-16 OIL
YIPPEE! OIL PRICES ARE DOWN. Original works by Mick. This day 21-01-16




Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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