Tennis Today; Advantage Bribery


Warning: Sarcasm and Irony in use.

My basic theory is that the legal sponsorship of sport may be worse than the bribery that occurs in the background.

Players and teams in all professional sports prostitute themselves to sponsorship. So why would we believe that our idols running around in their latest sponsors merchandise would not take advantage of the occasional backhander (Tennis pun). And if we feel let down it serves us right. We encourage our youth to be aces at  everything they do, so it should be no surprise that some are netted by the dark side.

But is a little bribery to earn that much needed extra couple of hundred thousand bucks any worse than selling stuff to your fans that the sportspeople only endorse because sponsors pay them hundreds of thousand of dollars. Thats blatant misrepresentation of the sportspersons actual real belief of the goods. It is certainly very difficult to have a real value for money and quality opinion if you where just given the goods. Selling sugary morning serials, Air conditioning, junk food and televisions is certainly doing nothing for the fans health.

Time for a little all-round integrity Oh Gods and Goddesses of the sporting Arena.

19-01-16 Tennis
Tennis: Bribery who’d of thunk it. Mick, Sausage Rolls with Sauce.



Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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