SMOG: Consumer Choice.

This is my continuing satirical rant about various political incongruities (It’s Thesaurus Day but I could not find another satisfactory word for thesaurus) that exist in our wonderful world. It is also Winnie the Pooh day  which for some inexplicable reason leads me to the subject of SMOG.


Increasing SMOG cuts to health cuts and poor education. Lets face it that is actually what we keeping voting for when we vote in conservative governments trapped in an old world carbon dependancy which they refuse to turn there back on.

18-01-16 smog
Faceless Politicians  hide behind the Smog screen. Mick at Sausage Rolls with Sauce. Charcoal on Paper. 450 x 250mm 18-01-16.  The quietly ironically, amusing thing about this image is that I have done it in Charcoal about carbon based use. 

The technology exists to change how we use our energy (i.e. how much we pollute) and it is up to the people, especially in the wealthy countries, to seek out better, less damaging ways to go about daily events. One day at a time introduce a new savings measure. You may find you save money and time. Watch the football with the neighbours for example on just one big screen, share a quality lawnmower amongst a few friends if you have to drive to work share a car.

Stop complaining about the government and vote for someone you want not what the media tells you. There used to be a saying that quality does not need to advertise itself, well that says nothing for any of our puppet politicians. Vote for local issues, vote for a better community and join it.

OK thats enough, get of the soap box. hers an article in the guardian that may be interesting






Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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