If Renewable Energy Use was a Sport.

The Scots may not have detached themselves from England and become independent but they are making fantastic gains in becoming independent in energy usage with the increase of renewable energy forms. Living in Australia this simply amazes me. Not so much that the Scots can do it, more that they can flog Australia in a game that it should be dominating the world in. Scotland has managed to achieve 15% of their electricity supply from renewables while Australia manages 11%.

Theses facts are one of the reasons I think we need to turn global energy into a game, it could have a world cup, a premier league, wooden spoons and betting. Everyone in each country would actually be an international player. Think about it, your small contribution could count. You could still go and watch normal sport and chant Aussie, Aussie Aussie or Oggie, Oggie Oggie, wears scarves and throw all your rubbish on the ground; but during the   rest of your time you could don the green and gold and do something for future generations. Common, Everyone, C’mon etc etc blah blah blah..

For an article among millions on the internet this one from Treehugger may interest you, it also mentions how much Trump dislikes Scottish wind power. Given his expertise on wind it may be worth a read. I support most everything that can piss that man off.

Thanks, well done Scotland you are an inspiration. Sorry about the terrible stereotypes and the unavoidable Star Trek reference but at least I skipped Billy and Sean (Doh).


17-01-16-scottish wind solar
Scotland 15 : Australia 11. All Scottish accents shall be used appropriately. Original work by Sausage Rolls with sauce 2016

Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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