Oil: A Big Boys Game

It seems after a very quick research session that the oil industry internationally has more ulterior motives than FIFA. Straightforward international power plays, out-pricing emerging energy sources and creating the next european playground (Dubai?) are all on the agenda. Who will be winners and losers depends on your measurement system. Low oil prices could set the green energy sector back years if not decades. Higher emissions costs health and global warming. I see the cheap prices a last stand for the oil industry, especially in Saudi and the Emirates to make their money while they can and bugger everyone else.

A search warrant has been put out for OPEC who have not been accounted for in recent times, last seen burying its head in the sand.

Read more about thisĀ here at the BBC news page.

14-01-16 oil
Here we have a simplified diagrammatic of winners and losers in the oil pricing debate. The scary thing is this the fight back by oil against a strengthening green energy sector.




Author: Mick

I am a Visual Artist, working in a variety of media including acrylics, pencil and inks.

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